Books & Seminars

Books & Seminars

In the 1990’s past life therapy became recognised as a successful way to discover why people feel and act as they do. Francesca Rosetti’s unique system of Psycho-Regression, helps people to find the cause of problems which may have their roots in lives lived hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Psycho-Regression has the power to transform and heal the whole psyche. It takes you back to the source of the negativity that continues to cause problems in your life, and releases it so that positive energy and healing can flood and bring you increased vitality, creativity and spiritual growth.

Psycho-Regression forms a part of Dr. Rossetti’s amazing work as a healing channel. The book draws on her wisdom and, using fascinating case histories, describes how her treatment works. Psycho-Regression will help you to go back to your spiritual roots, increase your awareness and understanding and bring about deep inner change. It will also benefit everybody who suffers from specific fears and phobias, unhappy relationships or recurrent problems of any kind.

Francesca Rossetti DD has been practising as a past life therapist and shamanistic healer and teacher for over 30 years. She is a researcher into the paranormal aspects of the human psyche, an initiated shaman and a spiritual teacher. Psycho-Regression is £12 (incl. postage in the UK), If abroad,£14.50, and you can buy a signed copy on Paypal: [email protected]

(Dates and Revenues to be arranged) 4 hour seminars including tea break and occasional 2-hour lectures). Contact us for details.


How Psycho-Regression & Shamanistic Healing really gets to the source of your problems. Releasing past karma, including negative emotions as well as present and past life vows, and curses on love, money and health. It is also possible to heal psychic injuries, and release negative characteristics of past life personalities.

Understanding how to release spirits and learning to positively reprogram every aspect of your life is all part of your fascinating learning process.

Awakening the shaman within you through meditation, rattles and sound, as well as calling upon your own ancestral and angelic forces, and your Higher Self.

There will also be a demonstration at the seminars.


If you have problems manifesting abundance, there are usually different types of emotions and mental blockages that prevent you from enjoying the energy of money. There are many types of emotional and psychic blockages that can hinder your potential wealth and happiness.

These include: fear of lack, fear of poverty, fear of success/failure, greed, meanness, low self esteem…… name but a few possibilities. Through ‘Money Empowerment’ it is possible to release these trapped energies and then you will be able to make contact with the ‘spirit of abundance’, enabling you to change your life and attitude towards money as well as towards yourself.

You can have a two hour session, or come to the introductory seminar and see a demonstration.

& ‘on the spot psychic analysis’

Understand how disease actually occurs on the non- physical levels before manifesting on the physical, and some suggestions on how to change this. How early childhood trauma and adolescent trauma affects our present, mental, emotional sexual, and physical states.

Talk and demonstration.

PRE-CREATION (Making a Soul Connection)

Talk and demonstration.