International Lecturer, Shamanistic Healer and Author

Francesca Rossetti D.D. is a professional International Lecturer, Author, Paramedical Researcher and Spiritual Teacher. Her research has taken her in many parts of the world where she has met ethnic tribal leaders and healers. During the course of her travels she has personally been linked to a number of ancient traditions, which includes being consecrated as a healer in the Philippines, and by the Kahunas in Hawaii. She has also been initiated into the healing side of the Shinto School of the martial arts in Japan.

On one of her visits to America she was adopted by the Iroquois Indians (into the wolf clan). Her unique work as a paramedical researcher and healer has been acknowledged by foreign royalty, including the now late H.I.H Prince August Von Hohenstaufen.

Part of Francesca’s work is to open psychic windows within, enabling you to live your life in greater depth. One of Francesca’s aims is to spread her knowledge through teachings of the natural laws which govern nature, giving people an inner understanding of birth, marriage and death and the psychic causes of disease. One of her abilities is to go into an altered state of consciousness, enabling her to tune in to other levels of reality

Asan international lecturer, author, researcher and teacher. I have written several books including “Psycho-Regression”, I also wrote a book on exorcism entitled “Casting out the Devils”, so I have done a lot of research into Regression as well as Spirit Possession and Healing.

I have been linked to a number of authentic traditions, including being consecrated as a Healer in thePhilippines; also inHawaiiby a Kahuna Priest. During my travels inJapan, I was initiated into the healing side of an ancient traditional Shinto school of the Martial Arts, and I am also an adopted Iroquois Indian.

  • The aim of Gnostic Rosetta is for Francesca to spread specialised information on Healing and Cosmic Education, throughout the world, teaching about the Mysteries of Life and the cosmic law of cause and effect and to understand in greater depth the mysteries of Birth, Marriage, and Death, and the Psychic Causes of Disease.
  • Gnostic Rosetta is really for people who seek to awaken the slumbering God within the physical body, and this can be achieved through spiritual discipline and cosmic education. Then implementing this a-maz-ing knowledge into our lives!

Through Francesca’s many years of research, she has devised two most important therapies for humanity. Psycho-Regression, and Pre-Creation. Everything is about releasing emotional blockages that are causing problems on the psychic and physical levels. Helping us to become who we really areā€¦ Gods in the making!

For a greater understanding of the healing side of Gnostic Rosetta you need to be aware that physical dis-ease is symptomatic of a disturbance within the psyche.

(The psyche meaning the totality of being. We are not just a physical body, we are mind, body and spirit.

Our physical body encapsulates many other bodies including the Etheric (or Energy body), the Emotional (or Astral), and the Mental, as well as many other Spiritual bodies.

It is within these bodies that disease begins, brought about by disharmony on these subtle levels and elemental imbalances, finally resulting in physical disharmony or disease.


Francesca Rossetti D.D. (also published under the name of Francoise Strachan)
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