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Francesca Rossetti D.D. is a professional International Lecturer, Author, Paramedical Researcher and Spiritual Teacher. Her research has taken her in many parts of the world where she has met ethnic tribal leaders and healers. During the course of her travels she has personally been linked to a number of ancient traditions, which includes being consecrated as a healer in the Philippines, and by the Kahunas in Hawaii. She has also been initiated into the healing side of the Shinto School of the martial arts in Japan.

On one of her visits to America< she was adopted by the Iroquois Indians (into the wolf clan). Her unique work as a paramedical researcher and healer has been acknowledged by foreign royalty, including the now late H.I.H Prince August Von Hohenstaufen.

Part of Francesca’s work is to open psychic windows within, enabling you to live your life in greater depth. One of Francesca’s aims is to spread her knowledge through teachings of the natural laws which govern nature, giving people an inner understanding of birth, marriage and death and the psychic causes of disease. One of her abilities is to go into an altered state of consciousness, enabling her to tune in to other levels of reality


My First Blog Post
26th October 2012

Most of us are aware that there are volumes of scenarios regarding the 21st December 2012, the said final date of the Mayan calendar. There is a lot we do not know about what is actually happening in the present, or what is about to happen in the near or even in the distant future. We continue to speculate or guess but the ones ‘in the know’ are doubtless keeping silent. They may feel that as life is in a continuous process of change so it is pointless to speculate on the matter, as the actual events of the Mayan calendar could be totally different or far more amazing. Even some of the Andeans and Incas are keeping silent on this matter, stoically stating that the Mayan Stone, locked up somewhere in South America and with essential pieces of information missing, is absolutely nothing to do with them. They may also feel that many of us are not meant to know what is happening until the very last moment, as the energies will obviously be totally different then. So we are really left to ’live in the now’ and enjoy it in the best way possible.

Many intuitive, indigenous and mystical people throughout the world, who cannot be underestimated, feel that they will ascend into another dimension on or around this propitious day in December 2012 as they believe that it is their birthright, or some would say that ‘it is written in the stars’. The more practical people are buying suitable makeshift housing, and storing up basic foodstuffs for at least three years! And some of the more financially privileged are said to be creating houses and resorts in high up places, away from possible flooding as well as other physical hazards! One wouldn’t be in the least surprised if there were not special missions destined to protect some of the elite from any hazards whatsoever on this planet, as well as contemplating long term visits to other planets in our solar system.

People generally may feel far too busy to concern themselves with such balderdash, and carry on living in the best way possible. However, many people are deeply confused as they really do not know what to do or where to go. Many intuitively feel that it would be best to live right out of any major cities, and try to live a peaceful life, and collecting warm clothes and food to store if things get tough for them.

There are hedonists who enjoy a rich raunchy lifestyle, who totally identify with material pleasures to the exclusion of just about everything else. Hedonism has been around for centuries, and throughout history the warning light appears in one form or another heralding change if personal or collective desires are particularly self-serving and destructive. An invaluable key to self-awareness is self-selection. We actually continue to suffer until we learn what it is that we need to know, ultimately and intuitively choosing who and what we really want to be. Souls who really do not wish to change themselves or their lives could be guided to another place for a different sort of development. It is up to individuals to make balanced choices. The people who want to ascend and change their lives will find a way of doing so. Ascending is really about a great expansion and explosion of awareness. Jesus and the Holy Mother are said to have ascended, as well as numerous awakened souls in all world religions and beliefs. Now we are giving ourselves a new opportunity to expand way beyond who we think we are, and finding the missing link: our Original Self, that may have been hidden for centuries, and patiently waiting to emerge.

The bottom line is whether you really want to go through this process of ascension, leaving perhaps confused souls to find their own way. As the light of transparency shines (in this case divine transparency), will we have the choice to ascend to the next level of awareness, or help the ones who may be left behind? It may not be our choice but whatever happens, it’s probably in the stars.